Estimator (Electrical)

Estimator (Electrical)

Chicago, IL

Responsible for cost estimations on a bid, defining subcontracted work and obtaining quote information for subcontracted work, defining material needs and working with procurement on getting pricing on material, defining Rex Labor required for the project. The estimator is responsible for the RFI portion of the bids and ensuring open issues and unclear scope items are clarified. The estimator is also responsible for the estimating methodology and the use of software and other tools to optimize the bid process to ensure accuracy and minimize risks. The estimator is also part of the ongoing review of projects, analyzing on-going costs and part of the post mortem review of projects.

  • Providing an accurate estimate of costs and timing of the work, clarifying unclear scope items and other issues that come from the specifications and drawing, siting the risks and gray areas of the scope and working with the Leaders of the company on the appropriate bid to bring for the project
  • May work with the Project Manager to ensure the method of estimation is consistent with customer’s intent and the foremen’s method of executing project
  • Work with the Project Managers during the project to analyze costs and progress to understand over run or under run opportunities
  • Continue to improve the method of estimating costs from a time and accuracy standpoint
  • Develop the software and other tools used to estimate and report costs of projects
  • Take part in the Post Mortem process to help analyze cost differentials between estimated and actual
  • Continue to adapt the work standards and assemblies as improvements are made in the field or in the use of pre-fabrication techniques
  • Manage the estimate process
    • Define the subcontracted work required – confirming with Project Manager
    • Define the open issues, submit and manage RFI’s and incorporate responses into quote
    • Initial definition of risks and gray areas of scope of project
    • Detail the material required to execute the project, defining specified product versus generic product, and working with procurement to get advise on the bidding and communicate the risks of taking on the project
  • May assist in analysis of ongoing projects
    • Participate in the pre-construction process, communicating assumed method of construction, risks in project and gray areas to be resolved
    • Analyze the costs components to help understand difference in estimates to actual
    • Help Project Manager to understand changes in scope
  • Participate in Post Mortem analysis of on-going projects
  • Develop tools for more timely and accurate estimates
    • ConEst
    • Other
  • Adapt the work standards and assemblies as methods are improved or changed due to impact of method improvements or prefab components
    • Assemblies
    • Productivity standards
    • Material usage
    • Overhead and other costs



  • High School diploma required
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred or equivalent experience
  • 5 years of experience in electrical construction projects required
  • Experience of NECA standards and other Construction standards depending on type of project
  • Good understanding of MEP building systems